David Roustio

David is a writer, musician, speaker, and proud father and grandfather. David has worked for more than 2 decades supporting individuals with Developmental Disabilities, or as he prefers to say, “Developmental Differences”. His passion and love of people ignite the joy and commitment to those he serves and leads.

David's been writing since grade school, mostly songs and skits with professional writing starting in the 90s by writing and facilitating training programs for a 50-million-dollar retail company.

His book writing is a hobby and with his fourth book, he stepped back into those training days with Leader? Boss? Both? A short but direct look at how to be a leader.

David is also available to speak in person or via Zoom for group meetings, conferences, and training events. Recorded video messages to share are also available and can be customized to your group.

Samples of his music, books, and activities can be found by visiting davidroustio.com.

Reach out anytime at connect@davidroustio.com


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Also visit davidroustio.com